Design Optimization of Heaters and Burners
Thursday, March 27, 2014

Heaters and burners are widely used in cracking operations within refineries and petrochemical complexes, forming the first step in the value chain of the chemical industry. They are difficult to design, requiring significant experimentation. In addition, they are often difficult to operate due to burner-burner interactions which cannot be tested in the field.

However, automated optimization of designs can be carried out using advanced algorithms which can significantly reduce the number of trials. Furthermore, even operating conditions can be optimized within a given range of operating conditions and desired performance requirements.

In this webcast, we investigate how STAR-CCM+® can be used to carry out such optimization work using the OPTIMATE/OPTIMATE+™ plugin or HEEDS. This webcast explores how CAD geometries can be easily imported and tailored for parametric optimization studies as well as the combustion physics necessary to simulate burners.

Ravindra Aglave
Jim Ryan
Nolan Halliday
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