Design and Thermal Analysis of Electric Machines Using Analytical and CFD Methods
Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The trend to design smaller, lighter weight and higher efficiency electric machines has created growing challenges in the development process. Engineers are confronted with ongoing issues; including a better understanding of the effects of heating and applying the most effective cooling measures.

This webcast will offer attendees an alternative design process for finding a more efficient initial design of an e-machine. Presenters will show a combination of classical analytical and numerical FE based approaches to design, using SPEED software.

The second part of the webcast will demonstrate how quickly and easily the machine data from SPEED can then be converted into a 3-dimensional computational model in STAR-CCM+ for the detailed thermal analysis.

Whether you're a new or an experienced engineer, this webcast will demonstrate how the integration of software tools can assist you greatly in your daily design work and provide a better insight into predicting thermal issues in your current or new designs.

Markus Anders
Stefan Holst
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