CFD for the Chemical Process Industry: Reactive Flows
Thursday, April 11, 2013

Reactions are at the heart of most chemical processes. They are inherently coupled with other transport phenomenon like fluid flow and mass and heat transfer. A good understanding of the reactive flow behavior and its coupling to the transport processes is essential to the design of flow and batch reactors, burners, furnaces, flares etc.

This webcast demonstrates how Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of reactive flows is a viable tool for understanding and analyzing this behavior as well as designing innovative solutions for such processes. Appropriate choice of models and correct definition of boundary conditions and solver parameters are critical in arriving at reliable solutions.

Presenters reveal the various modeling approaches for reacting flows and their details for the chemical industry. Advanced reacting flow model capabilities that incorporate finite-rate chemistry while keeping the computational time manageable will be demonstrated. Examples of modeling reactive flows with a few validation cases will also be explored.

Simulation specialists use DARS and STAR-CCM+ to show detailed chemistry modeling capabilities. STAR-CCM+ will also be used to conduct a live demonstration to show the highlights of setting up a reactive flow simulation case.

A live demonstration shows how you can set up a reactive flow simulation using STAR-CCM+.

Ravindra Aglave
Nolan Halliday
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