Casting and Manufacturing Simulation of High Fidelity Parts Using STAR-Cast
Tuesday, March 11, 2014

At present, both energy efficient and lightweight products are of great importance in the aerospace & defense and energy sectors, for example.

The design of such lightweight parts often leads to extremely thin and complex geometries which are only able to provide the necessary strength and durability when the micro-structure at critical regions complies with tight specifications. 

For metal parts, casting is often the most efficient production process which, in addition to relative freedom in the geometric design, gives the opportunity to control the micro-structure by the solidification conditions.

Computer simulation is an important tool to achieve the desired casting quality in a cost-efficient way. Simulation is vital in helping engineers to meet the required specifications.

This webcast features application examples and a product overview. 

Deryl Snyder
Julian Gaenz
Jean-Christophe Gebelin
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