Better thermal management with 1D and 3D tools
Thursday, September 14, 2017

InDesA GmbH is an engineering and consulting firm, specializing in the design, simulation and analysis of vehicle thermal and energy management. They have extensive experience using 1D tools, coupled to the 3D thermal solution of STAR-CCM+.

In helping to explore better designs from vehicle thermal energy management, InDesA uses both 1D and 3D tools combined. The 1D simulation enables rapid engine and vehicle simulation, while the 3D simulation brings a detailed knowledge of the component’s design.

1D can provide a complex set of boundary conditions for the 3D simulation, and allows for improved component design. 

However, the rapid simulation of 1D allows for the rapid simulation of long drive cycles which are needed to fully test and optimize energy usage. Having 3D information for critical flow splits thermal effects mapped back to the 1D simulation, enabling increased accuracy of the prediction while minimizing turnaround time. This provides a realistic prediction for different driving conditions which a vehicle may need to operate at.

In this On-Demand Webinar, InDesA shows a concept car designed fully within a digital test environment. The vehicle looks at cooling circuit, powertrain and exhaust systems to explore new concepts and hardware configuration to reduce harmful emissions and fuel consumption. Attendees will learn that by using the digital prototype, simulation can help reduce expensive hardware testing, as well as reduce overall turnaround time for new and innovative vehicles.

Frederick J. Ross
Dr. Gerald Seider
Dr. Fabiano Bet
Speaker Company: 
Siemens PLM Software