Are Erosion Problems Wearing You Down?
Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pipework erosion is increasingly becoming an issue within the oil and gas industry. Many assets are ageing and statistics suggest that the majority of wells now produce sand. New, high-rate subsea wells are particularly vulnerable to erosion, and the consequences of failure are significant.

CFD technology provides a key tool to better understand erosion and thus optimize the design of production systems, reduce risk and ultimately increase our customers' profits.

The presentation provides overview of erosion assessment at Xodus:

  • How CFD is used to refine our understanding of erosion in oil and gas production systems
  • Example applications and comparison with test and field experience
  • The advantages of CFD over alternative approaches
  • Challenges and further refinements to standard CFD methodology

Information on the Guest Presenter:

Neil Barton has been using CFD to solve problems within the oil and gas industry for 22 years, both at British Gas and the National Engineering Laboratory, before joining Xodus Group in 2012. He has a particular expertise in multiphase flows, flow metering and erosion.


  • Welcome and introduction (CD-adapco)
  • Erosion analysis and its application in Oil & Gas (Xodus)
  • Live demonstration - STAR-CCM+® for Erosion
Alex Read
Dr Neil Barton
Matthieu Stasia
Mike Lewis
Speaker Company: 
Xodus Group