Advancements for in-cylinder analysis and design exploration
Thursday, November 10, 2016

STAR-CD®/es-ice/DARS is a market-leading toolset for in-cylinder CFD simulations that offers the most advanced physical models for combustion and emissions formation.

Furthermore, combining such a toolset with design space exploration enables the discovery of more innovative designs to help maximize fuel economy and performance while minimizing the formation of harmful pollutants.

View this On-Demand Webinar to get up to speed on the latest developments for the Siemens PLM Software in-cylinder solution and learn how to get better combustion system designs, faster.

Topics covered will include:

  • Recent developments in STAR-CD/es-ice/DARS
  • Advancements in complex chemistry for in-cylinder CFD
  • In-cylinder design exploration using HEEDS™
Patrick Niven
Gerald Schmidt
Speaker Company: 
Siemens PLM