3D CAD to Meshing – Why This Is Critical For Production Level CAE Today
Thursday, December 5, 2013

To achieve high levels of certainty with CFD it is essential to generate high quality meshes starting from CAD data. High productivity workflows and optimization necessitate that meshing must be easily automated and robust.

This webcast covers distinct capabilities for moving your CAD geometries through to meshing. Presenters show a unique bi-directional communication between STAR-CCM+ and all of the major CAD packages. This process demonstrates how to simplify and streamline existing CAE protocols.

In addition, using expanded 3D CAD capabilities, presenters illustrate the options within STAR-CCM+ that let you easily create and modify your own geometries through the use of design variables. Key technologies that have the biggest impact in reducing your wall-clock time to mesh and demonstrate flexible, non-sequential pipeline approach to automated meshing are covered.

Case studies show how companies are embracing this pipeline methodology and have been able to increase their productivity and further streamline their CAE workflows.

Matthew Godo
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