Parametric B-Wagenigen screw model. Verify compliance CFD computation with hydrodynamics plots

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B-Wageningen screw series is one of the oldest propellers. Due to its simplicity is one of the most frequently used. With several polynomials describing it we could create new marine propeller. If someone fell into in the twenty-first century to use the latest technology and software cad / cam we can create a parametric 3D geometric model of the screw. Then we performed CFD studies and see how it behaves in a stream of water, and find the right parameters for a given screw ship contracted speed. In work I will try to improve that CFD calculation it’s equal to B-Wageningen hydrodynamics series graph.

Politechnika Gdańska
Monday, February 18, 2013
Author Name: 
Andrzej Rachwalik