Validation of unstructured CFD modeling applied to the C3X turbine including conjugate heat transfer
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This paper supports a concerted effort towards validating an unstructured finite volume methodology for combined flow, thermal and stress analysis of turbine blades. In this part, CFD and conjugate heat transfer solutions are compared against measured surface pressure and heat transfer profiles on the C3X turbine. Sensitivities of the prediction to inlet turbulence levels and laminar-to-turbulent boundary layer transition are also presented.
The general framework of the paper describes an integrated system incorporating three important analysis components with respect to CAE analysis of turbine blade: CAD geometry handling and repair; surface and volume mesh generation for arbitrarily complex three-dimensional geometries; multi-domain and multi-physics modeling. Such a framework offers possibilities to achieving substantial productivity gains. Therefore, validation of the modeling techniques used is implicit to building confidence and trust in the use of the integrated system.

Author Name: 
F. Mendonça
J. Clement
D. Palfreyman
A. Peck