Pulsatile blood flow-split in aortic arch dissection

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Abnormalities of the aortic arch , as the most proximal site of the cardiaovascular system , are of the great interest due to its major role in blood distribution to all downstream members. Wall dissection is one of the disorders that an aorta mau suffer due to hypertension or degaration of aortic wall properties. A geometrical change of the aortic ach caused by the dissected wal, and consequently the blood flow path ,makes the time varying flow curves to be different in comparison to the healthly aortic arch. This phenomenon modifies wall shear stres( WSS) history during the cardiac cycle. In the current work, the pulsatile blood floww in a typucal Stanford A( DeBakey II) dissected aorta is simulated by CFD techniauqe , STAR-CCM+. The boundary conditions are calculated based on a combination of the impedance boundary condition and the auto-regulation concept in the cardiaovascular system

Author Name: 
D. Afkar
F Gabaldon Castillo
J Rodriguez Soler