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Investigation of Slug Flow Induced Forces on Pipe Bends Applying STAR-OLGA Coupling L. Xing, H. Yeung, S. Lo June 15, 2011
Impact of a Collector Box on the Pressure Recovery of an Exhaust Diffuser System B. C. Bernier, M. Ricklick, J. S. Kapat June 6, 2011
Experimental Investigations of Lean Stability Limits of a Prototype Syngas Burner for Low Calorific Value Gases Ivan R. Sigfrid, Ronald Whiddon, Marcus Aldén, Jens Klingmann June 6, 2011
Parametric Study of Emissions From Low Calorific Value Syn-Gas Combustion, With Variation of Fuel Distribution, in a Prototype Three Sector Burner Ivan R. Sigfrid, Ronald Whiddon, Marcus Aldén, Jens Klingmann June 6, 2011
Radiative Heat Transfer in Scattering Media Using The Discrete Ordinate Method CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Noise Emission From Coaxial Jets CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Evaporation of Multi-Component Droplets in Dry Air CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Turbulent Dispersion of Material Particles in Grid-Generated Turbulence CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Karman Vortex Shedding CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Supersonic Flow Over a Flat Plate CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Turbulent Flow Over a Surface-Mounted Rib CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Surface-To-Surface Radiation in a Cylindrical Hole CD-adapco June 1, 2011
On the development of a full-scale numerical towing tank Reynolds scaling effects on ducted propellers and wakefields Norbert Bulten, Maarten Nijland June 1, 2011
Understanding the Details of Cavitation Anne Boorsma, Stewart Whitworth June 1, 2011
Large Eddy Simulation of a Thermal Mixing Tee in Order to Assess the Thermal Fatigue J. Galpin, J. P. Simoneau June 1, 2011
Two-Dimensional Single-Hill Flows CD-adapco June 1, 2011
One-Dimensional Shock Tube CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Lid-Driven Flow in a Two-Dimensional Square Cavity CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Natural Convection in an Eccentric Annulus CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Fully Developed Turbulent Pipe Flow CD-adapco June 1, 2011
Analysis of Flow Induced Noise in a Passenger Car Exhaust System - An Experimental and Numerical Approach D. Rana, F. Regin, M. Makana May 17, 2011
Fluid Structure Interaction Between Rods and a Cross Flow – Numerical Approach J.P. Simoneau, T. Sageaux, N. Moussallam, O. Bernard May 4, 2011
Trends in Industry Applications of CFD for Maritime Flows Milovan Peric, Volker Bertram May 2, 2011
CFD Analyses in Tight-Lattice Subchannels and Seven-Rod Bundle Geometries of a Super Fast Reactor J. Gou, Y. Ishiwarari, Y. Oka, M. Yamakawa May 1, 2011
Wave-in-Deck Load Analysis for a Jack-Up Platform Thomas E. Schellin, Milovan Peric, Ould el Moctar May 1, 2011
Effect of Turbulence Boundary Conditions to CFD Simulation Kalle Lehto, Ossi Kaario, Eero Antila April 12, 2011
Characterisation of Flow Structures in a Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Engine Using PIV, LDV and CFD J. Malcolm, M. Behringer, P Aleiferis, J. Mitcalf, D. OudeNijeweme April 12, 2011
Thermo-Mechanical Simulations of Rear Lamps with CFD Flavio Cimolin, Michele Rabito, Andrea Menotti April 12, 2011
Combined Simulation Approach For Dry Clutch Systems M. Przybilla, C. Kunze, S. Celik, S. Dongaonkar April 12, 2011
Control of Airflow Noise From Diesel Engine Turbocharger Y. W. Lee, D. J. Lee, Y. So, D. Chung April 12, 2011
PEM Fuel Cell Performance Under Particular Operating Conditions Causing the Production of Liquid Water: A Morphing on Bipolar Plate's Channels Approach P. Peraudo, O. Suria, M. Aietti, E. Testa, P. Maggiore April 12, 2011
A PEM Fuel Cell Distributed Parameters Model Aiming at Studying the Production of Liquid Water Within the Cell During its Normal Operation: Model Description, Implementation and Validation O. Suria, E. Testa, P. Peraudo, P. Maggiore April 12, 2011
Simulation of the Effect of Recirculated Gases on Ignition Delay During Cold Starting of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine R. Rofail, N. Henein April 12, 2011
Development and Assessment of POD for Analysis of Turbulent Flow in Piston Engines K. Liu, D. C. Haworth April 12, 2011
Cooling Performance Investigation of a Rear Mounted Cooling Package for Heavy Vehicles L Larsson, T. Wiklund, L. Löfdahl April 12, 2011
CFD Modeling of Processes Upstream of the Catalyst for Urea SCR NOx Reduction Systems in Heavy-Duty Diesel Applications S. Bhattacharjee, D. C. Haworth, R. Moores April 12, 2011
Thermo-Mechanical Simulations of Rear Lamps with CFD F. Cimolin, M. Rabito, A. Menotti April 12, 2011
Studying Local Conditions in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine by Creating Phi-T Maps Ossi Kaario, Kalle Lehto, Karri Keskinen, Martti Larmi, Anders Brink , Åbo Akademi April 12, 2011
Compact SCR for Passenger Cars E. Alano, E. Jean, Y. Perrot, J. Brunel, N. Ferrand, M. Ferhan, J. Chapel, K. Pajot April 12, 2011
Prediction of Drop Sizes for Liquid–Liquid Systems in Stirred Slim Reactors—Part II: Multi Stage Impellers S. Maass, T. Rehm, M. Kraume April 1, 2011
Numerical Modeling of Resistance for a Conceptual Seatrain N. Harpal, C. Patel March 31, 2011
A Multiscale Model of the Neonatal Circulatory System Following Hybrid Norwood Palliation A. Ceballos, A. J. Kassab, E. A. Divo, R. D. Osorio, R. Argueta-Morales, W. M. DeCampli March 31, 2011
Performance of a Proposed Micro-Aerial Vehicle Design D. Cooper March 31, 2011
Tonal Noise Prediction of an Automotive Engine Cooling Fan: Comparison Between Analatycal Models and Acoustic Analogy Results E. Tannoury, B. Demory, M. Henner, S. Khelladi, F. Bakir March 21, 2011
Numerical Investigation of Diameter Effect on Heat Transfer of Supercritical Water Flows in Horizontal Round Tubes Z. Shang, S. Chen March 1, 2011
Validation of unstructured CFD modeling applied to the C3X turbine including conjugate heat transfer F. Mendonça, J. Clement, D. Palfreyman, A. Peck March 1, 2011
Fluid Simulation of a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Deployment into a Patient-Specific Aortic Root Eric Sirois, Qian Wang, Wei Sun February 10, 2011
Programmed Trapping of Individual Bacteria Using Micrometre-Size Sieves M. Kim, B. C. Isenberg, J. Sutin, A. Meller, J. Y. Wong, C. M. Klapperich February 4, 2011