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High Performance Computing STAR-CCM+ Simulations of Industrial Air-Assisted Flare Including Experimental Apparatus Michal Hradisky, Philip J. Smith
CFD Study of an Industrial Heater Zhili Qin
Simulation of noise in HVAC ducts Karamjit Sandhu
小型船舶の航行解析のご紹介 明石 充弘
Reducing Failure Rates with CFD Heat Transfer Simulations Emilio Baglietto様
The Role of Simulation in Accelerating Deployment of Clean and Secure Energy Technologies Prof. Philip J. Smith
Automation for STAR-CCM+ Kim Hak-Soon
DES of Rudimentary Landing Gear Elisabeth Gren, Fred Mendonça
Conference overview Bill Clark, Sr Vice President
STAR-CCM+による垂直軸風車の3次元解析 原 豊先生
Simulation of the Interior Cabin Warm-Up & Cool Down using CFD Karamjit Sandhu
EHPを用いたプレジャーボート曳波解析のご紹介 小田 綾子様
Solution for Casting Simulations 佐方 宗樹
Modeling Complex Exhaust Gas After-Treatment by STAR-CD/Axisuite Coupling Dr. Onoufrios Haralampous
Best Practices Workshop (III): Heat Transfer Modeling Peter Ewing
Missile External Aerodynamics Using STAR-CCM+ D. Snyder
Energy Storage: Providing the Bridge to an Electrified Future Ted Miller
操縦運動中の三胴船に働く流体力の解析 大森 拓也様
Exploring STAR-CCM+® Capabilities, Enhancements & Practices for Aerospace Combustion Niveditha Krishnamoorthy
A CFD Study of Particle-Laden Flow of a Tundish Water-Model Eike Runschke, Zeljko Cancarevic, Henning Schliephake
Fine Tuning of a Fast Catamaran Design to new Operating Conditions utilizing CFD & Optimization Hans Joergen Moerch
Motor-CAD links to SPEED Mircea Popescu, Dave Staton
Electric Machine Simulation Technology Steve Hartridge
DARS for Fuel Model Development Fabian Mauss
Reacting flow modeling in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
Aerodynamic development of a time-trial bicycle helmet: From CFD to le the eulerian multiphase flow modelthe eulerian multiphase flow modelTour de France Geneviève Dutil, Yannick Sirois
Modeling Wind Shielding for FPSO Tandem Offloading using CFD Robert Gordon, Chief Technical Advisor – Marine
STAR-CCM+® Usage for Sorbent Injection Optimization Tyler Derritt
What's Next for Electronics Cooling Simulations? Ruben Bons
Lid-Driven Cavity Flow
Unsteady RANS and LES Analyses of Hooper’s Hydraulics Experiment in a Tight Lattice Bare Rod-bundle L. Chandra, F. Roelofs, E. M. J. Komen, E. Baglietto
STAR-CCM+による学生フォーミュラ車両の空力開発 須藤 紘平様
Numerical Evaluation of Averaging BDFT(bidirectional flow tube) Flow meter on Applicability in the Fouling Condition Jong-Pil Park
Thermal Soak Simulation of Scania’s Eu6 Silencer using Co-simulation Ayyoob Zarmehri
Progress on Engine LES using STAR-CD David Gosman
Simulation of the mixture preparation for an SI Engines using multi-component fuels Michael Heiss, Thomas Lauer
Schiffsentwurf auf Basis von Simulationen Karsten Fach
Design and optimization of plants and components for the production of polyurethane foams Carsten Brodbeck
Applications of Overset Mesh Technique for the Marine Industry Hans Jorgen Morch
Using STAR-CCM+ for Research & Teaching at the Chair of Chemical & Process Engineering Matthias Kraume, Gregor Wehinger, Thomas Eppinger
Recent & Upcoming Features in STAR-CCM+ for Aerospace Applications Deryl Snyder
Observation & CFD Analysis of Steady/Unsteady Natural Convection Phenomena in a Room with Floor Heating 酒井 孝司様
Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Interaction of Hot Streams with HPT Rotor Blades using Harmonic Balance Method Implemented in STAR-CCM+ A.I. Iakunin, N.B. Kuznetcov, A.E. Tcvetaev
Performance of a Proposed Micro-Aerial Vehicle Design Dave Cooper
Continuing Challenges in Aeroacoustics Simulation Fred Mendonça
Aerodynamic Effects of Roof Deflector and Cab Side Extenders for Truck-Trailer Combinations Helena Martini, Björn Bergqvist, Linus Hjelm, Lennart Löfdahl
Design and optimization of plants and components for the production of polyurethane foams Carsten Brodbeck
遠心型血液ポンプ設計におけるOptimate+を用いた最適化設計の検討 森 武寿様