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エンジンスプレーの分裂モデルの最適化 千田 二郎先生
BEHR Fan Modeling Approach: From Transient Fan Blade Development to System Optimization with Underhood Simulation F. Brotz, F. Guilbaud, A. Kleber, C. Marola
Industrial Electroplating Systems Tilman Botsch
Coupled Simulation of Multiphase Fluid Flow & Multiple Body Motion in Overlapping Overset Grids: Oil Flow in a Rotating Spur-Gear System Christine Klier, Ludwig Berger, Kathleen Stock, Matthias Banholzer
SPEEDを活用した設計事例の紹介 (設計の理想と現実) 大坪 浩二様
Reacting Flow Applications in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
Overview & Perspectives for Internal Combustion Engine using STAR-CD Marc Zellat
Customizing STAR-CCM+ for Seamless Integration to Product Lifecycle Management Environments Thomas Walker
CFD and wind tunnel testing Todd Leighton
Simulation of a Hydraulic Cam Phaser Thomas Fischer, Kai Fellmann
STAR-CCM+ DEMモデル - 変形、破損や固体の流れのシミュレーション Oleh Baran
Advanced Turbomachinery Simulation using STAR-CCM+ Chad Custer
Multiphase Flow Models in STAR-CCM+ Simon Lo
Application of DARS 1D on in-cylinder combustion and aftertreatment Karin Fröjd
High Performance Unsteady Workflows with STAR-CCM+ Steve M. Legensky
Multiphase Modeling in STAR-CCM+ Hyun-Joon Kim
Augmented Reality - Hobnob with Your Simulation Models Erwin Schnell
Modelling of droplet breakup and coalescence in an oil-water pipeline Simon Lo, Preetham Rao
Use of Eulerian Multi-Phase Algorithm to Simulate ORVR SHED Test for Automotive Fill Pipes Syed Ali
サーマルストライピング問題におけるSTRUCT乱流モデルの適用性検討 中村 博紀様
Virtual Manufacturing Empowers Digital Product Development Frank Pfluger, Klaus Wechsler
High Productivity CFD Workflows with STAR-CCM+ & FieldView: Real-World Success with HPC & CFD Michael Hall, Matthew N. Godo
New Applications of STAR-CCM+ in Marine & Off-Shore Engineering & Future Developments Eberhard Schreck, Frank Schäfer, Jaswinder Singh, Milovan Peric
Close Range Atmospherical Dispersion Near Nuclear Sites - An Investigation by CFD Nicolas Goreaud, B. Farges, P. Brocheny, C. Thelier
Parameter Driven Real-Life Design Process through STAR-CCM+ Automation Mauro Poian
Fluid-Structure Interaction in STAR-CCM+(Demo) YooChul Lee
Several Examples of Turbomachinery Design & Simulation Using CFturbo® & STAR-CCM+® Ralph Peter Mueller
The State of the Industry, Trends and Opportunities Mark Peters, Vice President and Publisher of Hydrocarbon Processing
Human Powered Motion Tim Corti, Franz Wolf
Fluid Structure Interaction in STAR-CCM+ Alan Mueller
Validation of STAR-CCM+ with the OECD/NEA T-junction Blind Benchmark S. Jayaraju, E. Komen, E. Baglietto
Multi-Objective Optimization of a Grease Mechanical Filter using modeFRONTIER & STAR-CCM+ Marco Carriglio, Alberto Clarich
Reacting Flow Modeling in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
The application of CFD at Heerema Marine Contractors Harald Ottens, Alessio Pistidda
Validation of a Multi-physics Simulation Approach for Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter Design Applications Alejandro Guada
Gekoppelte Simulation von Strömung und Bewegung umströmter Körper Prof. Dr. Milovan Peric
Automated Thermal Underhood thermal Simulation Enric Aramburu
Streamlining Aircraft Icing Simulations Deryl Snyder
DEM Solutions for Oil & Gas and Chemical Industries Oleh Baran
Aerodynamic Validation Studies for Space & Defense Applications Kenneth E. Xiques
Thermal & Electrochemical Simulation of Battery Pack Systems Steve Hartridge
Best Practice: CFD Analysis Guidelines for Engine Simulation Shota Niikura
A comprehensive solution for efficient combustion simulation with detailed chemistry Fabian Mauss
STAR-CCM+のSOFCモデル Palanisamy Vanjiappan
Application of CFD in connection with ship design Claus Daniel Simonsen
Automated Thermal Underhood thermal Simulation Enric Aramburu