What's Next for Electronics Cooling Simulations?

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CFD has been a common tool in thermal design of electronics for many years. The first electronics-focused CFD program came out nearly 30 years ago, and currently there are no less than 6 CFD-based programs that focus solely on electronics thermal applications. So it is fair - and right - to ask, what can STAR-CCM+ bring to this application area? Why would people use STAR-CCM+ over any of the other tools?
This presentation will explore how the author predicts electronics thermal simulations will advance in the next 5 - 10 years. The context for the advancements rests with the historical and still-typical simplifications and assumptions made for simulating electronics systems. Sometimes these simplifications and assumptions are appropriate and provide adequate accuracy at lower time and computational cost. But there are situations where the simplifications introduce unacceptable loss of accuracy, and this presentation will explore a few specific situations where this happens. It is critically important that the engineer knows when simplifications are appropriate and has the right tool to perform a detailed simulation when required. Additionally, the need to explore more designs and more usage scenarios quickly and easily will grow in importance in coming years.

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Ruben Bons