The Value of 3D Scanning Technologies as a Complementary Tool to STAR-CCM+® for Various CFD Applications

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Creaform develops and manufactures market cutting edge handheld 3D measurement technologies and uses them to perform 3D scanning followed by CFD analyses with STAR-CCM+. The process is executed within an integrated team of engineers at Creaform, allowing companies to benefit from a complete CFD analysis without having any numerical geometry to start from. This presentation shows real-life examples of such complementarity within several industries like building services, performance vehicles and extreme sports.

The first example is a design exploration for the restauration of an incubator. CFD analyses were performed using two essential STAR-CCM+ tools: the fan interface model and the passive scalar model. The design evolved after several iterations of the model were computed.

The second example is the analysis of the Duval Racing Team performance car, which is lined-up in the ACT (American Canadian Tour), a late model stock car racing series in northeastern USA and Canada. The scan and CFD analysis allowed the implementation of major aerodynamic improvements.

The third example is from the 3 Bobs Luge Team, who holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest speed on a gravity powered street luge (157.41 km/h). They work with Creaform to enhance their aerodynamic performance.

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Pier-Olivier Duval
Philippe Vincent