Undergraduate & Graduate Use of STAR-CCM+ at Brigham Young University

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STAR-CCM+ continues to gain popularity in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Brigham Young University (BYU). This presentation will share success stories, both at the undergraduate and graduate level, as they were experienced by four professors at BYU.

At the undergraduate level, STAR-CCM+ was used in an ‘Applications of Fluid Dynamics’ course to teach Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), in a ‘Computer-Aided Engineering Applications’ course to teach CAD-to-mesh-to-CFD and by Capstone Teams investigating methods to reduce drag on locomotives and to design a winglet for the Boeing 777.  

At the graduate level, STAR-CCM+ was used by students to research cavitation through a high speed turbopump inducer at both design and off-design conditions.
The use of STAR-CCM+ for these projects ranged from small jobs run on personal computers to very large jobs run on a hundred processors of the BYU supercomputer.

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Brigham Young University US
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Steve Gorrell