Thermal & Electrochemical Simulation of Battery Pack Systems

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This presentation looks at the state of the art of simulation technology in the field of thermal and electrochemical modeling of battery cell, module and packs. Thermal modeling of complex three-dimensional systems can be considered a mature field and deployed to address many applications but the addition of electrochemistry to this system is a recent advance. This advance adds many considerations and layers of complexity, which an engineer needs to consider when conducting simulations. The presentation will highlight the critical aspects of such simulations and highlight their importance through examples including:

  • Creating electrochemistry models of battery cells
  • Performance modeling of cells and battery modules or packs
  • Fidelity considerations for performance simulations
  • Influence of electrical and thermal connecting components on cell performance
  • Abuse modeling
  • Cold crank simulations
  • Electrode material analysis

This presentation will also provide grounding on how to evaluate such results and understand their relevance to the real case to improve designs through the application of simulation technology.

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Gaëtan Damblanc