Solar Air Heater Wizard: Automating CFD

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Enerconcept Technologies designs, manufactures and installs solar air heating systems. Their wall-mounted solar air heater system is modular and its configuration is customized for each building. Enerconcept had a need to quickly calculate the expected efficiency of each particular configuration and optimize design parameters like inlet/outlet position, wall thickness, etc.

Lx R&D proposed to program a wizard that Enerconcept designers could use to easily run CFD analysis with STAR-CCM+ on a particular wall configuration. Relevant information like wall size and sun orientation is entered in a GUI. Wall geometry and CFD simulation set-up are automatically generated in the background. The output is an automatic report of CFD results (temperature distribution, efficiency, pressure drop etc.). Full exploration of CFD results is possible by an expert user for R&D purposes.

This presentation will focus on the development of the wizard but will also show what happens in the background. Some real-world examples will conclude the presentation.

Author Company: 
Lx R&D Inc
Author Name: 
Yannick Sirois
Geneviève Dutil