A Shared Vision: Shaping the Future of Biomedical Device Design & Diagnostics through Modeling & Simulation

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Biomedical device design is facing increasing product complexity while prototype building and testing can take months. Simulation has the potential to revolutionize the field of medical devices as well as diagnostics by accelerating innovation, reduce clinical trial times and support or even replace expensive and invasive diagnostics procedures.

In this presentation we will outline CD-adapcoTM’s perspective on the future of modeling in biomedical devices and diagnostics, a vision that is shared by many in the industry. Our path forward is marked by collaborations with clinical trial experts, regulatory agencies, academia, medical staff and of course with device makers to provide comprehensive evidence of long-term safety. We will discuss case studies and share our technology strategy based on our work with partners like Vextec (clinical trial support for drug transport in the cardiovascular system), Dassault/Simulia (Living Heart Project: pushing the limits of FSI), and inFluids (pulmonary disease).

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Kristian Debus