Several Examples of Turbomachinery Design & Simulation Using CFturbo® & STAR-CCM+®

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To get new turbomachinery designs in short time that meet required performance parameters including high efficiency and a desired torque characteristic is a challenge. Besides sufficient computational power it is a matter of choosing the right engineering tools acting together smoothly. Various geometry models are designed from scratch, re-computed and optimized using the conceptual turbomachinery design tool 'CFturbo', and the 3D CFD code 'STAR-CCM+'. Examples shown consist of radial, mixed-flow or axial pumps, blowers or compressors. A seamless interface between CFturbo and STAR-CCM+ and a proven optimization capability in combination with HEEDS software determining a new, fast solution to the market that can be used by any kind of companies and institutions. The presented workflow can be used effectively in small and medium business too which have no or only few experiences in CAE methods.

Author Company: 
CFturbo Software & Engineering GmbH
Author Name: 
Ralph Peter Mueller