Securing the Manufacturing Process of Vaccines Using CFD

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Creaform was asked to assist in the design of two cleanrooms, by performing complete 3D reconstruction of the geometries, and using this to carry out detailed CFD simulations. The cleanrooms in question are used in the manufacturing of influenza vaccine, and the aim of the study was to design efficient aerodynamic barriers that would mitigate the risk of contamination from non-sterile components of the machines. This required the reproduction of the complex HVAC system of the cleanrooms including the plenum, the room ventilation and the return vents.

In that context, Creaform’s engineering team numerically reproduced the cleanrooms in Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and performed a series of CFD simulations using STAR-CCM+®. Polyhedral meshes of about 20M cells were used with the RANS turbulence modeling approach. The designs were optimized after several iterations of the models were computed.

Thanks to the numerous insights provided by CFD, the first cleanroom received the fastest accreditation of flow distribution ever to have been issued by the regulatory authority. The results for the second cleanroom are currently used in combination with the smoke test videos to demonstrate the effectiveness of the aerodynamic barrier in front of regulatory agencies.

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Philippe Vincent