S-ducts & Nozzles: STAR-CCM+® at the Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop

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The AIAA Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop (PAW) brings together CFD users from industry, government and academia with the goal of developing best practices for the simulation of propulsion-specific flows. In its two iterations, the workshop has focused on two flows, the serpentine duct (s-duct) and the nozzle. For the s-duct, we examine the role of mesh and turbulence models for cases with and without vortex generators to understand how to best tackle the issues of strong streamline curvature and flow separation. For the nozzle, we again look at mesh as well as various inlet to exit pressure ratios and evaluate nozzle performance in terms of thrust and discharge coefficient curves. In this talk, we will both present results obtained using STAR-CCM+ as well as discuss the lessons learned from the workshop.

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Peter Burns