Motor-CAD links to SPEED

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Presented at the STAR Global Conference 2012

SPEED is the most advanced analytical electromagnetic package dedicated to the sizing and performance analysis of electric machines.

Motor-CAD software is the unique software for the analytical lumped circuit thermal network analysis of electric machines.

Motor-FLOW is a software package which enables the use of special graphical models such as efficiency maps and is designed to automate SPEED and Motor-CAD software packages.

This presentation gives details on using together SPEED and Motor-CAD as a multi-physics environment where it is possible to obtain a better optimum design by considering simultaneously the electromagnetic, thermal and drive design.

The dependence of losses on temperature and temperature on losses is discussed in detail, as is the importance of fast, accurate and complete efficiency maps for brushless permanent magnet and induction machines.

Author Company: 
Motor Design Ltd
Author Name: 
Mircea Popescu
Dave Staton