Modeling of the flow in a water turbine of a hydroelectric generator

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Presented at the STAR Global Conference 2012

The efficiency of generating units is of great economic importance to the operation of hydropower. Even a small improvement in their efficiency leads to a significant economic effect.

Numerical simulation of the hydro turbine has many advantages over experimental studies. In this presentation the process of modeling the flow in a hydrоelectric generator will be outlined. Different configurations of stator and rotor blades were investigated numerically. Parameters relevant to efficiency and performance were obtained and analyzed. The focus is on a seamless workflow process in STAR-CCM+ and the ability to model the complex geometry, including surface remediation and polyhedral meshing.

Author Company: 
Sarov Engineering Center
Author Name: 
V.A. Folomeev
F.A. Pletenev
V.P. Bashurin