Hypersonic Drag Polar Validation in STAR-CCM+ HL-20 at Mach 6

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The HL-20 or the Assured Crew Return Vehicle was originally conceived in the late ’80s as a lifeboat for those aboard the proposed space station Freedom (and others as time went on). The HL-20 is a blunt-nosed lifting body born out of the lifting body projects in the late ‘60s along with the current Space Shuttle. The primary mission of the HL-20 is to act as a crew re-entry vehicle only and thus has no payload bays or engines, hence its small size and low cost. Testing began in 1989 to establish an extensive library of coefficient data for future simulation use and put the HL-20 through a full range of Mach numbers, from a full scale model at .05 to a .0197 scale model at mach 20.

The presentation aims to validate STAR-CCM+ for the HL-20 at Mach 6 for AoA -10 to 30 and shows successful Validation using STAR-CCM+ for full angle of attack sweep. Visual validation of oil streaks when compared to similar configuration of the HL-20

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