How Optimization is Helping the CFD Consulting Business Become More Competitive

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CFD is becoming a multi-purpose tool that can be useful for several types of project. As a consulting firm in engineering simulation, Lx Sim caters to companies needing simulation on an ad hoc basis or as regular addition to their internal capabilities. The coming of age of tools such as Optimate+® and the adjoint solver has helped us gain in-depth knowledge of specific applications, on top of our general expertise. The use of such tools has helped us better understand each problem and provide insightful solutions to our clients in a timely manner. The outcome is an increase in the value of our services as well as our competitiveness. In our presentation, we will show some examples of successful applications of these new techniques to illustrate their benefits: pressure drop reduction of a wall-mounted faceplate, power output optimization of a wind and water turbine, and shape optimization of an aero bike front fork.

Author Company: 
Lx Sim
Author Name: 
Geneviève Dutil
Yannick Sirois