Fully-Automated Propeller Optimization with STAR-CCM+® and CAESES®

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For a joint project with a leading Korean company, the manual CAD/CFD propeller design process was fully-automated. 3D blade modeling, variant generation and formal optimization of the propeller take place in the Upfront CAE-software CAESES®. Self-propulsion calculations as well as post-processing were done by STAR-CCM+ and got fully-automated. Both software tools work perfectly together without the need of any heavy scripting. Based on this project, the benefits for the propeller engineers are now a tremendous speed-up in investigating large sets of propeller variants, and the possibility of conducting automated blade shape optimizations. The designers start with an easy import of existing propeller table data, which gets automatically converted to a parametric 3D model. By having set up a smooth and perfectly robust interaction of the participating tools, the designers can now run formal optimizations for future propeller projects without the need of doing coupling work again. The design process is not restricted to local machines and can readily make use of HPC resources. In this presentation, this project will be illustrated in more detail.

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Stefan Harries