Fluid-Structure Interaction with Segregated Rigid Body Motion & Structural Deformation

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Fluid-Structure Interaction simulations are often based on the assumption that the structure can be treated as a rigid body. The motion of the structure is then either being prescribed or solved for with a 6 degree of freedom body. For many applications, this approach leads to accurate results. However, there are several industrial applications where it is desirable to add the deformation of the structure on top of the pure rigid body motion, either for the complete structure or certain components.

The Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction (DFBI) model in STAR-CCM+® was used in combination with an Abaqus Co-Simulation to simulate a catamaran vessel with hydrofoil. The deformation field of the foil was added on top of the rigid body motion of vessel and foil, in an implicit and fully two way coupled fashion. Lift and roll angle are compared to the results from a rigid only simulation, and the advantages and limitations of the method are discussed.

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Rafael Ritterbusch