Development of Advanced Film Cooling Technologies for Industrial Gas Turbine Applications with STAR-CCM+®

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Within the development of gas turbine engines, the design of cooled airfoils represents a challenging task. While the airfoil temperatures should be maintained low to achieve required component life, the available cooling air amount is limited by thermal efficiency requirements. Thus, designers have to maximize cooling performance while minimizing cooling air consumption for maximum efficiency. Based on understanding the fundamental physics of film cooling, B&B-AGEMA has developed and improved special cooling hole configurations able to control secondary flow and interaction of the cooling air jets with the combustion air stream along the airfoil surface and positively influence these to maximize cooling effectiveness. Parametric analyses with STAR-CCM+® and experimental testing proved significant cooling enhancement by using B&B-AGEMA's film cooling technologies, which promise significant reduction of cooling air consumption and consequent increase of gas turbine thermal efficiency.

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Anis Haj Ayed