CFD analysis of a density-dependent valve within a hot water system

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The design of a buoyancy valve for a renewable energy thermal storage tank led us to this interesting CFD problem. The purpose of the valve is to allow water to circulate within the system when the temperature of the water rises above a critical value. From Archimedes principle, a buoyancy  oat made from a given material will rise (providing a closed state for the valve) when below a critical temperature and sink (providing an open state for the valve) when above a critical temperature. However, the precise valve response depends on internal temperature and mass-
ow dynamics. In this paper, we present a CFD investigation of the valve's behaviour under specic conditions.

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Greenspace Research, Lews Castle College UHI, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, United Kingdom
Author Name: 
Helen Smith
Sally S. Bell
John N. Macbeth
David C. Christie
Neil Finlayson