Analysis of the 3D Flow & Heat Transfer of the Finned-Tube Bank for Creation Effective Counting Method for Steam Turbines Oil Coolers

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Lubricating-oil cooler is an important object in supporting operable state and environmental safety of turbines. Heat transfer surface of cooler contacts steam-turbine oil and contains some hundreds (or thousands) finned-tubes. Cooling agent (water) flows in the tube.

That is the reason why the objective of creation economic (for computational resource and time calculation) computational model in STAR-CCM+ is important. At the same time, the model should provide design of the tube bank and mass and volume parameters of the cooler.

Two ways were considered for solving this task. At the first step the features of 3D flow around finned-tube bank were investigated and coefficients of pressure resistance and heat transfer between heat conductors were found. In the second problem (based on the obtained coefficients and model of a porous body) the parameters of the oil cooler with the oil leakages in height were specified.

Author Company: 
St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University
Author Name: 
Yulia S. Bagaeva, N. N. Kortikov