Aeraulic Optimization of an Electrical Box Cooling

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This presentation describes the aeraulic optimization of an electrical box cooling. This equipment is present on the roof of a railway train. The challenge is to provide cooling powered only by airflow around the train, without adding fans or any other system with a cost in term of mass, deterioration of the reliability and the overall price of the equipment. We must therefore reach a sufficient air flow to perform this function.

In the first stage, STAR-CCM + is used to analyze the air flow around the train and especially around the studied box. In a second step, the study focuses on increasing the airflow provided to the box. At this stage, the addition of aerodynamic devices allows to greatly increase the air flow. Optimization has focused on the geometry of these devices (positions, flow sections, curvature, etc.). STAR-CCM + includes a very useful optimization module which has the ability to test a large number of cases and to converge towards an effective solution.

Finally, while complying with industrial criteria and dimensional limits, the objective is achieved and the box is cooling only through the movement of the train.

Author Company: 
Alstom Transport
Author Name: 
Denis Cornu