New STAR-CD and es-ice v4.24 Release Shows CD-adapco’s Ongoing Commitment to the Internal Combustion Engine Market
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Enhancements to existing combustion models and a new automated meshing technology boost productivity and facilitate innovation

New York and London. October 19, 2015

CD-adapco, the largest privately held CFD-focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software, announced today the release of STAR-CD and es-ice v4.24, the latest update to its industry-leading Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) simulation solution. This release forwards CD-adapco’s mission to help their customers discover better designs faster with improved usability, increased accuracy and automation for ICE simulation.

Committed to maintaining leadership of In-Cylinder Engine analysis, CD-adapco continues to enhance capabilities and add functionality to STAR-CD/es-ice that will be critical to its automotive customers in the future.

“CD-adapco is an ideal partner because of their unwavering commitment to the IC engines development and ability to produce the right solutions to meet our strict engine project deadlines,” said Ralf Speetzen, Senior Manager Combustion Simulation at MTU Friedrichshafen AG. “Their engine simulation technology and dedicated support enable us to deliver a product to our end user in which we have great confidence. We look forward to continuing our partnership with CD-adapco well into the future.”

In addition to refinements of existing combustion models, v4.24 delivers further improvements to the es-ice automated meshing processes and es-ice post-processing capabilities. This version also includes a pre-release of a new fully automatic meshing technology for full cycle calculations of 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines.

“This version demonstrates CD-adapco’s continued commitment to the IC Engine sector with the pre-release of a significant automated meshing technology and refinements to the existing ICE combustion models in STAR-CD,” said Richard Johns, CD-adapco Vice President of IC Engines. “Users can now experience the new mesh motion approaches demonstrating CD-adapco’s commitment to continue to lead this field of simulation.”

The new meshing technology, which is accessible using es-ice, enables the user to generate accurate meshes automatically for full geometry, complete cycle calculations of 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines. The mesh structure consists of prism layers at the boundary to capture near-wall gradients, an aligned mesh within the valve gap and a hexahedral mesh within the core of the model. A sequence of meshes is generated at distinct crank-angle positions during the engine cycle as a pre-processing step. These are subsequently morphed over a crank-angle range selected automatically to give optimum mesh quality. A fully automated process is used to minimize mesh generation time and allow the user easy control over mesh size. Results using this new technology indicate similar solutions to existing es-ice trimmed cell meshing, thereby providing users with alternative automatic meshing that is easy, fast and accurate.

The PVM-MF combustion model has been significantly enhanced, with new fuel chemistry libraries available for single and dual engine operation. These include gasoline, diesel, natural gas and ethanol, natural gas–diesel, gasoline-diesel and gasoline-ethanol. The dual-fuel libraries provide a way to accurately simulate dual-fuel engines that require the combined chemistry of both fuels.

The level-set (g-equation) combustion model can now use a variant of the AKTIM spark ignition model (referred to as SparkCIMM) to enable an improved simulation of the spark ignition process. This provides users with a much improved capability for modeling early flame development.

Ongoing development and consolidation of the ECFM-CLEH combustion model has also extended the capability to dual-fuel combustion using equilibrium and auto-ignition tables generated by DARS.

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