New CD-adapco Product Release STAR-CD v4.26 Enables Engineers to Discover Better Designs, Faster
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The latest version of STAR-CD features significant enhancements for combustion modeling as well as usability improvements to deliver accurate in-cylinder solutions

New York and London. July 31, 2016

CD-adapco, a global provider of multidisciplinary engineering simulation and design exploration software, announced the release of STAR-CD® v4.26, the latest update of its industry-leading Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) simulation solution. STAR-CD v4.26 helps deliver more accurate in-cylinder solutions quickly and easily, advancing the company’s mission to enable customers to discover better designs, faster.

Among the major features in STAR-CD v4.26 is the implementation of the NORA NOx emissions model and the Soot Sectional Method with G-equation combustion. This enhancement allows users to obtain better prediction of NOx and soot emissions.

Users will also find improved accuracy and capability with access via user coding to NORA NOx source terms, Soot Sectional Method source terms, Bai droplet model impingement regimes, and AKTIM ignition criteria. The “Advanced Wiebe” combustion model allows users to expand their application scope and is more accurate than the previous Wiebe model. This efficient and robust upgrade is applicable to a broader range of operating conditions and combustion types.

In addition, users will notice they can achieve improved estimation of knock onset and post-knock heat release with the implementation of a new Zonal Auto-ignition/Knock option for the TKI model in the ECFM-3Z combustion model. Users are also able to accelerate and simplify the setup of multi-fuel simulations with an option to use either internal or external TKI and LFS tables in the ECFM-3Z combustion model.

Finally, users will notice a productivity boost in STAR-CD v4.26 through an improved workflow for fuel injector spray setup, which is now done in es-ice and accessible via one GUI.

As customers integrate the innovations STAR-CD v4.26 offers, we are developing new features and enhancements for STAR-CD v4.28, scheduled for release in 2017.

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