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Pointwise is solving the top problem facing engineering analysts today: mesh generation for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other numerical simulations. Pointwise's two software products, the next-generation Pointwise and the cornerstone product Gridgen, are used by engineers and scientists to generate grids for CFD and other computational analyses. The software is known for producing high quality grids, making analysis more reliable and accurate, and for their ability to work with imperfect Computer-Aided Design (CAD) geometry without requiring manual cleanup. In addition to Pointwise and Gridgen, Pointwise's Native CAD Readers can be used to read CAD geometry from its native format directly into Gridgen without using a CAD license.

Pointwise also provides mesh generation services, custom software development, and contracted research in the grid generation field.

Pointwise has been a premier supplier of grid generation software and services to the engineering analysis community since 1994. With its decades of expertise in development, support, and application of robust software for real-world meshing challenges, Pointwise has helped industry, government, and academic clients worldwide bridge the “design - analysis gap."

Contact information:
Richard Matus, Ph.D.
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
+1 817-377-2807