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For many years, CD-adapco has been the market leader for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) simulation. With the STAR-CD® /es-ice suite of software, powertrain engineers around the world have designed and optimized combustion systems for all types of applications, from small two-stroke power tool engines to the world’s largest ship engines. And while the current solution continues to improve with exciting new features and capabilities, for the past two years CD-adapco has been working diligently on implementing capabilities for in-cylinder applications into the flagship STAR-CCM+® product.

Now, Siemens is reinforcing that commitment and building upon the in-cylinder mission.

“The ground transportation market has been at the heart of CD-adapco’s success, specifically in the area of Internal Combustion Engine simulation solutions. The recent acquisition by Siemens and synergies with our product offerings will allow us to execute even faster on our multidisciplinary design exploration vision for powertrain customers,” said Bob Ryan, CD-adapco’s newly appointed CEO. “Our goal is to provide the most complete and effective internal combustion engine simulation solution on the market for years to come.”

Under Siemens, the in-cylinder application development effort has grown to include plans to integrate new capabilities with a collaborative data management backbone provided by Teamcenter and full 1D-3D coupling between Imagine.Lab Amesim and STAR-CCM+. The combined effort is focused on one goal - to improve the model fidelity, simplicity, and speed with which powertrain engineers can create, validate, and improve virtual prototypes of their products.

A step along the path included the July release of STAR-CD v4.26, which focused on three primary objectives:

  • Expanding application scope with the efficient and robust “Advanced Wiebe” combustion model, which is more applicable to a broader range of operating conditions and combustion types,

  • Improving productivity with an enriched workflow for fuel injector spray setup and a simplified setup of multi-fuel simulations,

  • Predicting better NOx and soot emissions with the implementation of the NORA NOx emissions model and the Soot Sectional Method with G-equation combustion.

Results from recent benchmark studies show that enhancements to combustion models in STAR-CD are providing superior prediction of knock and emissions. Combining this with design space exploration is enabling the discovery of more innovative designs and automating the calibration runs for new injectors and testing different fuels.

But there are many more steps to take! In the coming months, CD-adapco will conduct workshops, webinars, and conferences showcasing their in-cylinder capabilities, both in the current STAR-CD/es-ice solution, as well as being developed in STAR-CCM+. We’ll show you the advantages of using the CD-adapco solutions, advanced developments, and workflow automation that delivers added value and time savings to our customers. All of this will culminate with the exciting launch of a new add-on in STAR-CCM+ that is dedicated to in-cylinder simulation in late 2017.

“We are very excited about the work being done by CD-adapco customers in the area of in-cylinder flow and combustion,” said Dr. Jan Leuridan, Senior Vice President, Simulation and Test Solutions, Siemens PLM Software. “It directly aligns with our vision of predictive engineering analytics and the digital twin which will allow customers to predict real-world behavior of products.”

So stay tuned and watch out...there is a lot of in-cylinder excitement coming your way!


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