Marine Special Report

Marine transport has been around for much longer than any other transportation sector. It is today, as ever, the main method for carrying goods around the world. Yet it has never before encountered the combined effect of the two major challenges it faces today: that of a huge increase in consumer demand, along with the adoption of stringent environmental regulations designed to tackle climate change. Simulation technologies (CFD and FEA) and multi-design exploration (MDX) can be used to drive innovation and performance improvement. This new Marine Special Report is a timely update to the first release some 7 years ago. It presents a selection of CFD applications solving real-world problems by our customers and confirms that we are witnessing a transition towards simulation-based design processes. With the incredible capacity of STAR-CCM+® to automate simulation processes and make them as effective as modern technology will allow, marine designers are finally empowered to create novel and efficient design solutions that keep pace with fast-evolving markets.

Publication Name: 
Special Report