Dynamics 32 - Rise of the (Electric) Machines

CD-adapco Meets the Electric Machine

The cost of energy has always motivated the development of electric machine design, but today the twin monsters of unbridled consumer demand and scarcity of required materials makes it ever more important to optimize designs with better analytical tools.

  • A New, Groundbreaking Tool to Simulate Batteries: Interview with Steve Hartridge
  • Electromagnetic Capabilities:Breaking New Ground with STAR-CCM+
  • Rise of the (Electric) Machines: CD-adapco & the Need for SPEED
  • Pushing the Boundaries in: Electronics Design
  • Is your Electronics Cooling Software Fit for Purpose?: Electronics Cooling
  • Virtual Testing: InDesA Virtual Test Facility Center
  • Sunroof Buffeting: A New Fluid-Structure Integrated Capability for Aeroacoustics Simulations
  • CFD Helps to Make Engines More Efficient: Combustion Simulations with STAR-CD
  • Turbocharger Analysis: Thermo-Fluid-Structural Solutions using STAR-CCM+
  • NASA C3X Turbine: Polyhedral Meshing & Transition Modeling
  • Harmonic Balance Method: A Break From Traditional Simulation of Turbomachinery Flows
  • Designing a Drag-Free Storage Locker for the Learjet 60: Raisbeck Engineering showcase their in-house CFD capability
  • From Design Challenge to Flying UAV in Fifteen Weeks: University of Washington’s Capstone Project
  • Deepwater Flow Assurance: Integration of 1D & 3D Flow Simulation
  • Chasing The Wind: The New State-of-the-Art in the America’s Cup Design


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