Dynamics 31 - Engineering Success

Engineering Success

CD-adapco’s principal aim is “Engineering Success”: to help our customers to succeed through the application of engineering simulation, driving innovation in their products AND reducing the engineering time and cost associated with bringing those products to
market. We ensure our customers remain successful with engineering services that provide them with facilitated transfer of technology, burst capacity resources and custom software tools.

  • Wilson Football Simulation - Cover Story
  • STAR-CCM+ & Abaqus FEA co-simulation
  • Power-On-Demand
  • Suzuki: Aerodynamics & air-cooling performance
  • Heat Transfer: Turning the lights on
  • Le Mans Prototype: Increasing Front Downforce
  • Battery Design: STAR-CCM+ Battery Simulation Module
  • Close Formation Flight: Unmanned aerial vehicles take to the skies
  • Bicycle Wheel Aerodynamics: Increasing workflow productivity with STAR-CCM+ & FieldView
  • Feel an Open Window Anywhere: Personal air ventilation systems
  • Flowserve: Optimization of Flow Coefficients for Large Control Valves
  • Energy Giant: Revolutionary wind turbine design
  • A Solar Powered Future: Qualitative leap in renewable energy with STAR-CCM+
  • The Deeper You Go: Improving deep subsea oil & gas drilling performance
  • Extreme Weight Lifting: Resistance Calculation for SeaMetric Twin Marine Lifter
  • RANS Simulation: Complex marine flow problems



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