Dynamics 30 - Integrate, Automate, Innovate

Integrate, Automate, Innovate

In the midst of constant media reminders about how tough times are, it’s difficult not to be at least a little gloomy about the prospects for the engineering business as a whole. This issue of Dynamics is designed to provide an antidote to the doom and gloom showing that, not only is the CAE business as buoyant as ever, but that simulation is becoming even more per vasive, being used at ever y stage of the engineering process, and penetrating all levels of industry.

This magazine contains stories that demonstrate how CFD is being used for everything from student motorsport design to the historical analysis of long forgotten race cars, in each case demonstrating that serious engineering analysis can be performed using very limited resources.


  • ING Renault F1 Team Takes The Lead With STAR-CCM+ : Formula One Aerodynamics
  • Using STAR-CCM+ to design a 2009 Formula SAE race car
  • Track Car Aerodynamics: Analyzing the effect of aerodynamic enhancements on a small hatchback
  • The Seven Benefits: Improve productivity and cost effectiveness through CFD
  • Fuel Cells: Modeling the future of Power Generation
  • Vehicle Thermal Management in STAR-CCM+: Design for Six Sigma
  • Optimization of Engine Intake Manifold Design
  • Simulate to Understand: CFD helps to understand the history and evolution of racing techniques
  • Aker Yards Marine Case Studies: Validating Hull Performance using CFD
  • Improving Cryogenic Analyses with CFD
  • Dynamic Positioning Studied with CFD
  • Accurate prediction of how a submarine’s motion is driven by hydrodynamic forces
  • Simulation of Lifeboat Launching: Under Storm Conditions
  • Challenges and Solutions: Hydrodynamic Aspects of Containership Propulsion



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