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The widespread adoption of modeling and simulation in life sciences on clinical and trial studies is at an embryonic stage, but that could soon be changing. Cardiovascular device design historically involves many iterations from experimental lab work on the benchtop to animal trials before a device gets approved for human/clinical trials. Finite element analysis (FEA) simulation has become more prevalent in recent years, followed by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid-structure interaction (FSI) modeling.
As car electrification accelerates due to stricter governmental regulations, cost reduction (cost per KWh) and intensification in customer interest, car manufacturers are facing the biggest industry mutation in years. This webinar will take a look at different levels of simulation being undertaken (1D and 3D systems) today to guide virtual product design in Li-ion batteries and cooling system management for battery packs. Specialists will highlight the state-of-the-art technology and barriers preventing progress in development. Presentations and demonstrations will specifically focus on...
本セミナーでは、ティーモスインテリジェンス株式会社からiHAB CLUSTERの説明および無償のハンズオントレーニングを実施し、 日本マイクロソフト株式会社よりMicrosft Azureの概要およびセキュリティポリシーに関して、シーメンスPLMソフトウェアからは STAR-CCM+®ソフトウェアのクラウドでの利用方法に関してご紹介します。
En este taller, usted aprenderá cómo implementar fácilmente la exploración de diseño, una tecnología que puede enlazar sus herramientas existentes y acelerar los ciclos de simulación para darle un mayor retorno sobre su inversión.
Discover better designs, faster, and solve drug delivery challenges for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries
In order to design effective drug delivery devices one has to master the physics of liquids, solids, gases and any of their combinations. From drug formulation, drug transport all the way to drug delivery, from powders, solids to fluids and vapors, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can be a powerful tool to tackle these challenging processes and enable design exploration for device design and process parameteroptimization. Examples of how CFD can optimize these processes range from modeling syringes and inhalers, mixing devices, particle deposition into lungs, assessing the efficacy of...
Join this complimentary webinar to hear how Siemens PLM Software is being used within the oil and gas industry to succeed in meeting the challenges faced in the lower-for-longer environment. Engineering system and product developers must find ways to reduce costs, including design simplification and standardization, as well as improve efficiency across design and construction. These aims must be sought while targeting process efficiency improvements, increased through-life reliability and maintaining the highest level of process safety. This webinar will introduce you to the application of...
Join us for this engineering workshop where we will present the value of bringing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) into your engineering process, and show how key simulation software capabilities can be utilized to solve engineering challenges found in the process industries.