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In the early hours of Saturday May 6, at the Monza motor racing circuit in Italy, Eliud Kipchoge ran 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 25 seconds, beating the existing marathon world record by 2 minutes and 32 seconds. The run was the culmination of Nike’s “Breaking 2” project, a two year program aimed at demonstrating that it is physically possible for a human to run a marathon in less than two hours. Before the run, much of the publicity had focused on Nike’s spring loaded Vaporfly Elite running shoe, which they had claimed improves running efficiency by as much as 4%. However in the days afterwards much of the conversation turned to aerodynamics, and the influence of the unfeasibly large timing board that was mounted on top of the pace car that drove in front of Kipchoge, and the “delta formation” adopted by his team of “relaying” pacers. By some calculations drafting was responsible for about 1:30 of the 2:32 that Kipchoge knocked off Kimetto’s world record. In order to determine just how much influence "aerodynamic trickery" had in getting Kipchoge within 26 seconds of the mythical 2 hour barrier, we decided to run a series of computational fluid dynamics simulations using STAR-CCM+,
Driving innovation with gas & liquid-fuel combustors through CFD and design exploration
Until recently, the ability to accurately characterize combustion of gas-fuels (usually methane) and liquid-fuels required the use of expensive testing and validation. The development of computational methods over the last 20 years has opened the doors to new methods to help engineers discover better combustor designs faster by enabling the accurate assessment of such important combustor performance characteristics as: Fuel/air mixing The ability to use different fuels in the same combustor (or with only slight modifications) Predictions of NOx and CO emissions and soot formation, including...
The objective in auto racing is pretty simple to understand: the fastest car wins. Easy enough, right? Well, maybe not quite that easy. After all, car manufacturers can’t control what happens on the track during any given race, but they can put drivers in the best possible position to succeed through the design of their car. Spark Racing Technology is well aware of this, and to gain that extra inch, that extra split second that can be the difference between exhilarating victory or humbling defeat, turned to AOTECH in search of aerodynamic expertise for its FIA Formula E Championship car.
Improving semiconductor shower head performance with simulation
The shower head is a critical part of a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) chamber, distributing gases properly to ensure uniformity of deposition rates across the wafer. The shower head typically consists of a large number of small holes through which the gas is delivered over the surface of the wafer. Precise control of flow speed, temperature and gas species distribution is critical, so a well-designed shower head provides higher quality deposition as well as increased wafer throughput. This On-Demand webinar will explore the usage of simulation to improve the design of a shower head. The...
Simulações avançadas de CFD aplicadas a projeto e otimização de embarcações
O desenvolvimento de projetos de embarcações tem sido constantemente atualizado com novas tecnologias. A eficiência do navio tem se tornado cada vez mais importante em um mercado onde as margens operacionais são baixas e as normas de emissões estão cada vez mais apertadas. Os proprietários das embarcações são geralmente demandados por tomar decisões rápidas sobre mudanças no projeto ou modificações que afetam a performance. Neste sentido, o tempo de resposta é tão importante quanto a sua precisão, de forma que se possa atender aos prazos apertados no projeto do navio. Para que estes desafios...
Over the past 10 years, bat populations in the United States and Canada have been decimated by an invasive fungus called Pseudogymnoascus destructans, or pd. Millions of bats have died. Considering that they are a keystone species, losing bats and their contributions to our ecosystem could have devastating results for plants, other animals and humans. The epidemic bats are facing is akin to the massive die off of bees that’s a threat to agricultural food supplies. Understanding what is happening to bats as well as the conditions they’re exposed to is essential for us to try and find a way to reverse the epidemic.
Building better designs through 1D-3D coupling
There has been a strong trend in recent years to increase simulation realism, providing more accurate analysis results. This increase in the need for accuracy has led to greater confidence in CAE as a design tool, resulting in more highly optimized designs earlier in the design process. Traditionally, 3D analysis and 1D analysis were performed in isolation, but engineers today are benefiting from a best-of-both-worlds approach by combining both within a single simulation. The 3D simulation provides enhanced local accuracy and insight and is complemented by more realistic operating conditions...
CFD methods and lyophilization: Advancing manufacturing processes to match growing demands
As an effect of globalization, the patent life of newly discovered drugs has decreased considerably, forcing manufacturers to minimize drug development time as well as maximize throughput. To achieve this, existing manufacturing processes need to be upgraded, and new approaches and methodologies developed. Simulation applying CFD and optimization is an ideal tool to investigate such concepts early in the design phase, tying it into the Product Life Cycle Management Process – and thus avoiding costly troubleshooting exercises later. In this webcast, you will learn more on how the integration...
With devices involving the combustion of gas – whether that is a gas turbine combustor, a furnace burner, an industrial process heater or boiler, a burner of a stovetop appliance, or a gas-fired water heater – if your primary objective is to use simulation to “discover better designs, faster” – then I’d say that yes, CFD performed with STAR-CCM+ can be trusted to help you achieve that goal.