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【内容介绍】 如果你参与设备设计、最大限度地提高炼油厂的正常运行时间和效率,排除问题或准备检修,且对最新的流量和热模拟技术感兴趣,那么你可以参加此次网络研讨会。 无论是否由于流量分布不均造成催化剂耗竭、分离、燃烧、混合三通热疲劳或焦化,流体和颗粒动力学和传热的成功管理对最大限度地提高炼油厂的正常运行时间和流程效率都至关重要。在工厂范围内实现流程效率需要个别单元操作和设备具有强大性能。 此次网络研讨会将介绍CFD在通过更好的设计实现高效流程和满足环境法规中所发挥的作用。 计算流体动力学(CFD)的最新发展,连同持续速度提升和成本降低意味着将CFD应用到复杂的炼油厂操作比以往更快捷,更容易。 此次网络研讨会将进行CFD介绍,提供如何将其应用于炼油厂的具体案例研究示例,并现场演示燃烧器的设计空间探索。 【演讲人】 徐永泽, CD-adapco高级工程师 【关于 Webinar 】 Webinar是一种通过网络媒体进行的技术研讨活动,我们通过WebEx系统在网络上提供技术交流。用户只需要在计算机上连接网络就可以聆听和观看技术报告以及产品功能的展示。我们会提供网络和对方付费的电话号码实现声音的传输。Webinar登录的详细方法,会在注册后的邮件回复中进行说明。 ※从本页面注册后,数分钟后您的注册邮箱会收到自动发送的邮件回复,请注意查收。如果长时间没有收到邮件回复,请与我司联系。 ※注册时,...
Following another win last weekend in Portsmouth, UK, Land Rover BAR are now leading the overall Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series. The America’s Cup has changed a lot since it was first sailed, back in 1851. Today, spectators gather not only to admire the skill, strength and endurance of the sailors, but to witness the incredible synergy within the team, the symbiotic relationship between the sailors and their boat, and to behold the extraordinary view offered by these competing, foiling yachts. Cutting-edge engineering is relied upon to enhance human performance and make it reach levels nobody would have ever thought possible; likewise, the sailors’ strategical decisions and skillful maneuvers are essential to make the most of an ever-evolving, state-of-the-art technology.
It could be argued that tradition and science are poles apart; while one is based on beliefs and long-established customs, the other is firmly grounded in rigorous research and methodology. Yet traditionally, they’ve both found their place in engineering. But as technology continues to advance where traditional methods falter, aren’t we better off just focusing on science?
The end goal of any design is a reliable, well-performing product, yet achieving these characteristics in the design of electronics systems is a challenging endeavor. A range of factors contribute to the challenge including the constant need for ever-increasing capabilities, compressed design schedules, and ever-decreasing size – all while avoiding a host of failure modes. This report highlights how CFD can help the Electronics Industry discover better designs, faster, through a wide sampling of applications, addressing a range of physical phenomena important to the different designs, from...
STAR-CCM+ v11.04 brings Solution History support for derived parts! This improves interaction with transient results and facilitates more effective communication by storing iso-surfaces and all section types (plane, constrained plane, cylinder, sphere, and arbitrary section) in your Solution History files.