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Stewart Bible, of Resolved Analytics in Durham, North Carolina, has become the first Siemens PLM Platinum Level Certified STAR award recipient. Stewart was presented with his Platinum certificate in an online ceremony attended by Global VP of Customer Success, Stephen McIlwain, Training Manager and Global Support Team member Aaron Bird, and Dedicated Support Engineer, Chandraprakash Tourani.
Airport noise regulations have tightened in the last decade, making it ever more difficult to operate in urban environments. At the same time, the demand for air travel has been growing. Airport airframers have been searching for ways to reduce the level of perceived noise caused when aircraft land. To that end, innovative companies like ATA Engineering recently demonstrated a prototype aircraft drag management device called an engine air-brake (EAB) in a series of ground tests. The EAB uses a deployable swirl vane mechanism to switch the operation of a turbofan’s exhaust stream from thrust...
For years, simulation has been used with tremendous success to reduce engineering time and costs through validation and troubleshooting. Digital design exploration, however, is often seen as a luxury that cannot be afforded due to the investment needed in purchasing, learning and deploying optimization tools. With today’s business pressures you need to explore the design space early in the engineering process to discover innovative products faster and meet your customer's expectations. Design exploration cannot be a luxury anymore; it needs to be part of the standard engineering process and that means removing the barrier to entry that has so long existed. That is why I’m pleased to announce the release of Design Manager, the brand-new design exploration feature of STAR-CCM+Ⓡ software version 12.04.
機械的応力は電子装置を設計する際に考慮する1つの重要な故障メカニズムです。 過大な機械的応力は割れ、破裂、疲労、層間剥離、あるいは光学部品などの過 剰なたわみの原因となりえます。大半の電子装置は機械的負荷を支持する構造 の一部として設計されてはいないので、熱膨張は機械的応力の主要因となりま す。 熱応力を議論するとき、熱膨張係数の不一致は一般的に思い浮かぶものですが、 熱膨張係数の不一致がないように慎重に材料を選んだ場合でも、大きな温度勾 配もまた膨張差や過大な応力の原因となります。 このセミナーでは熱応力解析を扱う屈指のシミュレーションソフトウェアの機 能を探究します。あらゆる熱応力解析のための基礎は、共役熱伝達の正確な計 算をし、同梱の有限要素応力ソルバーが熱的・機械的負荷による応力を計算し ます。あるいは、STAR-CCM+®ソフトウェアは NX™ Nastran®ソフトウェア のような 別の応力解析ツールに温度場をエクスポートすることができます。
グローバルな原子力産業のトレンドとして、従来の長い時間とコストが掛かる実験的相関に基づいた 手法から、CFDを用いてより早い設計探査を小さな機器の設計から大規模システム、さらにはプラン トの全体解析に至るまで実施する方向に急速に進んでいます。CFDソフトウェアは、それ単体または 中性子工学およびシステム解析ツールと組み合わせることにより、原子力発電事業者と原子力ベンダー に従来の原子炉の能力と利用性を大いに高めることを可能とします。 さらに特筆すべきは、CFDが次世代の原子炉の開発をサポートするために必要なキーテクノロジーと なっていることです。次世代の原子炉は大きな技術的進歩を示すものであり、原子炉の熱水力学挙動の 予測モデリングとシミュレーション(M&S)手法は、要求される経済的効果と安全基準の向上を達 成するために必要不可欠なものです。 一方で、数値解析技術もその実装と検証、また基本的な物理モデリングの側面を含めて大きく進歩 しており、CFD手法のサポートを提供し広く一般に受け入れられています。 本ウェビナーでは、原子力産業でいかにしてCFDシミュレーションとモデリングが新たなデザインの 検証と適用、運転コストの削減、および規制優先度と規制慣行のガイドライン策定を行う上で必須の ものであるかを実例を交えて紹介します。 取り上げる主なトピックス ・...
I have to say, if you haven't yet taken a look at the latest release of STAR-CCM+, version 12.04, now is the time. Design Manager, Expanded Dynamic queries, 3D-CAD to Parts Sync and Replace Assembly all coming out in one release means there is a confluence of features that can make every user more effective in nearly every application of STAR-CCM+. In today’s blog, I want to shine a light on one of these four features, Replace Assembly, hence the blog title.
기후 문제에 대한 선박 설계 – 조선해양 엔지니어링의 패러다임 변화
조선해양 산업에 종사 중인 많은 기업들에게 기후 변화와 경쟁이 치열 해지는 시장 환경에서의 종합적인 영향은 생존과 장기적인 번영을 이루기 위해 혁신적인 제품과 사업 모델이 지속적으로 늘어날 것을 요구하고 있습니다. 유가 하락과 세계 경제 침체의 확대로 기업들은 이러한 상황에 적응하고 대응하는 방법에 따라 성공 또는 실패를 찾습니다. 이번 온라인 동영상에서는 조선해양 산업의 기업들이 혁신 목표와 사업 목표를 달성하도록 새롭고 계획된 방법으로 시뮬레이션을 이용해 어떻게 도움을 주는지 보여줄 것입니다. 시뮬레이션을 사용하여 설계 공간을 자동으로 탐색함으로써, 기업은 훨씬 더 생산적일 뿐만 아니라 엔지니어링 팀이 더 나은 선박 성능을 지속적으로 제공하고 경쟁 우위를 유지하기 위한 혁신적인 측면에 집중하도록 도울 것입니다. 시뮬레이션 기반 접근법을 사용하여 상업용 선박에 대한 초기 설계에서 최적화를 어떻게 수행하는지 예시를 보여드릴 예정입니다. 설계 최적화는 프로펠러 설계뿐만 아니라 다른 운영 작동 조건들도 고려할 것입니다. 이와 같은 방법론으로 시뮬레이션 기반 초기 설계의 실제 결과와 설계 프로세스의 초기 단계에서 적정성 검토를 적용하는 방법에 대해 보여드릴...
Discover better designs, faster, and extract higher value from your simulation process with Design Manager
Globalization , standardization , environmental and product customization are some examples of the new challenges industry is facing. Organizations need to design innovative products faster and at lower costs. Design exploration has often been relegated to the corners of the design process due to lack of time, know-how and appropriate processes or solutions. However, engineers need to explore the design space early to discover innovative product designs, reduce development time, risks, and meet or exceed customer expectations. Design Manager aims to overcome these challenges and make design...
Just one numerical simulation contains a wealth of information – we can gain a lot of insight on how a device performs, and from that, we can infer how to make that device better. To confidently recommend one design over another, though, we’ll need to run more than one simulation. As our device knowledge is informed through simulation, we can expect to make numerous geometry/part modifications to the original design. How quickly we can turn these changes around will determine how many simulations we can run within our time budget. Without a highly efficient and flexible workflow, we might find ourselves in the position of being less certain of our final product recommendation. Risky. Now, you’ll be hearing a lot soon about Design Manager, a native capability within STAR-CCM+ v12.04® to do design exploration – that’s not this story. Instead, I want to share how two mouse clicks can now get you quickly from that first simulation to the next one, and to the one after that and the one after that...