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We've all been mesmerized for years by that thing of beauty rising out of the water majestically in that James Bond movie... If you're thinking Ursula Andress or Halle Berry or Daniel Craig, think again. I'm an Engineer and to me, the submarining Lotus Espirit from The Spy who Loved Me is my equivalence of a teenager's infatuation with water entry of matinee idols. In my fantasy world, my car would run on road, swim in water, fly in air and even brew me a nice, cold beer while I watch football. The Lotus Espirit ticked off two of those boxes quite handsomely. When I was tasked with showing...
The Need for Speed – High Performance Sports Turn to Digital Simulation
This event features examples from the NASCAR company, Michael Waltrip Racing and Cervélo Bicycles, a competitive tour and Olympic cycling company. Get a sneak preview from Waltrip.
Electronics Best Practices Part 3: Thermal Radiation
Radiation is one of the three fundamental modes of heat transfer, yet it is often ignored in electronics cooling simulations. One of the reasons it is often ignored is that the core physics are not fully understood. Additionally, the impact of radiation on the predicted temperatures is underestimated, especially in natural convection simulations. The core physics of radiation as it applies to electronics cooling is discussed in this online seminar, including the visible and infrared radiation spectrum, relevant material properties, solar radiation, and internal radiation. CFD specialists...
Unsteady simulation of a spinning shuttle cock with Transition Modeling
Animation from an unsteady simulation of a shuttle cock with Gamma-Re-Theta transition modeling showing pressure contours on the shuttle cock and flow streamlines.
Automatização do processo de simulação de CAE/CFD
Será que o seu processo de CFD leva muito tempo para manter-se como um processo de design? Você costuma gastar horas ajustando geometrias CAD para uso em CAE/CFD, resolvendo problemas com a malha computacional? Se sim, então convidamos você para participar deste webcast para aprender sobre os últimos desenvolvimentos em tecnologia de CAE/CFD. Os participantes verão como o STAR-CCM+, o estado-da-arte em código de CAE/CFD, permite que os engenheiros gastem menos tempo na preparação tediosa e manual de uma simulação numérica, e mais tempo analisando os resultados finais do projeto. Especialistas...
Melhorando o conforto de passageiros e reduzindo custos
Neste Webinar será apresentado o processo de simulação computacional para a melhoria da experiência de passageiros em automóveis, atualmente desenvolvido pelas principais empresas automotivas do mundo, com o intuito de: Melhorar o conforto térmico de passageiros; Reduzir ruídos de aeroacústica; Otimização do projeto de HVAC; Reduzir o tempo de desembaçamento.
内燃機関の設計においては,法律の順守,性能向上から製造コストパフォーマンスまで, 多様な課題に対して解決してゆかなければなりません.現状では,燃料噴射システム,代替燃料、 複数燃料による燃焼、エンジンの小型化などにおける技術が進歩しており,それらの開発における ターンアラウンドの短縮にともない,CFDへの期待はさらに大きくなりつつあります. CD-adapcoでは,これらに対応するため,多様な筒内解析に対して様々な取組を実施してきました.   本ウェビナーでは,STAR-CD V4.18から使用可能になったELSA(Eulerian-Lagrangian Spray Atomization)や ECFM-CLEH,噴霧壁面衝突モデルなどについて紹介します.また,ELSAに関しては計算メッシュの作成 方法や計算設定の注意点について解説します.
CD-adapco’s latest release is even easier to use and interact with, and significantly reduces the time required to get a high-quality solution. CD-adapco, the largest privately held CFD focused CAE provider, today announced the second release of their STAR-CCM+ v8 software.