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Multiphase II
VOF, Free Surface, Overlapping Grids
CD-adapco offers specific simulation ools and procedures in STAR-CCM+ to fit the needs and requiremenst of the marine and offshore industry. Shown here is a wind and wave loading analysis on an offshore platform.
CD-adapco has developed specific models for propulsion simulations, such as the virtual blade model and the possibility of coupling a STAR-CCM+ simulation to external codes providing propulsion body forces. Depicted here is a RANS simulation of complex marine flow problems. Image courtesy of FORCE TECHNOLOGY.
This image illustrates the laminar-turbulent transition on a common dolphin using a two-equation transition model combined with two-equation eddy-viscosity turbulence model at 1 m/s and 1 % turbulence intensity. Image courtesy of University of Stuttgart.
Performance of a Proposed Micro-Aerial Vehicle Design
for more on this see: UAB Engineering launches micro-air vehicle program
The introduction of overset mesh to STAR-CCM+ is a game changing technology that makes the accurate simulation of relative motion between objects a straightforward task.Depicted here is the use of this capability to simulate the water entry of an Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV7).
Simon Richards speaking at the STAR-American-Conference 2011
We compare battery performance simulations from a commercial lithium-ion battery modeling software package against manufacturer performance specifications and laboratory tests to assess model validity. A set of commercially manufactured spiral wound lithium-ion cells were electrochemically tested and then disassembled and physically characterized. The Battery Design Studio ® (BDS) software was then used to create a mathematical model of each battery, and discharge simulations at constant C-rates ranging from C/5 to 2C were compared against laboratory tests and manufacturer performance...
Electric Machines
Scott Del Porte speaking at the STAR-American-Conference 2011
Fred Ross speaking at the STAR-American-Conference 2011