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The biggest challenge of gradient-based shape optimization using high-fidelity CFD has always been the formidable computational expense tied to constructing the sensitivity of the objective (or cost) functions with respect to the design variables. Take for example the case of a typical external aerodynamics application. An aircraft manufacturer wants to improve on the operational performance of the existing fleet by adding winglets to their aging aircraft. This modernization will only pay off if the installation of the winglet results in significant fuel savings. The company aerodynamics...
When it comes to systems, one of the most complex (and perhaps least understood) of all is that of the human body. The average adult human body is, on average, 57% - 60% water. That's a lot of fluid! So it stands to reason that CFD is a great tool for simulating the systems of things like medical implants, surgical techniques, diagnostic systems and the like. A recent artilce published in Desktop Engineering examines how CFD is making an impact in the medical field. Our own Krisitan Debus Ph.D. talks about our work with an ASME sub-committee, writing verification and validation guidelines for...
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Our teaching modules have been developed under the guidance of Professor David Gosman and Milovan Peric, author of the widely used book, Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics.
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