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Deicing Using Fluid Film Modeling
A short animation showing the effects of gravity on the melted ice.
Air Conditioner Passage Flow
An animated elevation contour plot of a VOF fluid simulation to visualize the filling of Air Conditioner water passages.
Offshore Platform FSI Summary
A short video showing summary of FSI results for an impinging wave on an offshort platform structure which was presented at OMAE 2012.
OMAE 2012 -83472: Offshore Platform FSI Simulation
Wave Barrier VOF Video
A short 20 second video showing the fluid response from an impacting wave onto a protective barrier structure.
CD-adapco receives a top award at Solid State Electrochemistry Workshop 2013. New York and London. August 13, 2013 CD-adapco, the largest privately held CFD focused provider of Computer Aided Engineering software, announced today that their work studying the electrochemistry of a resolve porous electrode within a lithium ion battery received a top award at this year’s Solid State Electrochemistry Workshop 2013 held at Heidelberg University. The workshop addresses, in a synergistic manner, mathematical modeling and numerical methods in electrochemical systems as well as latest advances in...
I wanted to take a moment and shine the spotlight on our coupled density-based solver. I must admit, I am perhaps a bit of a biased writer because after all, I have spent most of my career in industry analyzing and optimizing aircraft performance in flight regimes where the need for accurate shock capturing was part of daily life. Coupled solvers with a density-based approach have a proven track record for delivering robust solutions for these types of applications so it should come as no surprise that these numerical methods continue to spark my interest. If you haven’t been performing your...