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A key feature in the latest release of DARS, v3.02, is a new laminar flame speed library generator for the ECFM combustion models in STAR-CD/es-ice. This feature improves the accuracy of in-cylinder combustion simulations, allowing for better design of combustion systems to provide more performance with lower fuel consumption and lower emissions.
Using Engineering Software to Teach Heat Transfer
Accurate and efficient prediction of heat transfer is a key requirement across a vast spectrum of industries. Traditional teaching of heat transfer relies heavily on a student's ability to calculate certain math operations along with comprehending these consequences in physical terms. Are there better ways to present heat transfer concepts to engineering students? In this webcast Professor Milovan Peric, co-author of Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics , will demonstrate how engineering software can be integrated with traditional curriculum to improve the understanding of conduction,...
【会议信息】 时间:2016年4月6日下午3:00-4:00 费用:免费(需事先注册) 语言:中文 注册方法: 希望参加本Webinar的客户,请从本页面的注册窗口进行注册。 【内容介绍】 船舶行业对船舶动力效率的追求越来越高,这个趋势最初来源于原油价格的高涨,而如今尽管原油价格下跌但由于排放法规的要求日趋严格,仍然保持着这样的趋势。船舶螺旋桨性能的数值预测最初是通过边界元方法来求解的,这种方法在稳态计算及反推和扭矩下对压力分布的预测有较高的精确度。 Wärtsilä Propulsion展示了借助于CFD模拟工具,螺旋桨设计工程师能够建立一套更为直接的方法。求解螺旋桨叶片实际旋转过程中叶片的载荷能够更好的深入理解实际的物理现象。基于这样的理解,就能够缩短设计的周期。而在设计中很重要的一个问题就是气穴现象,以及由于气穴现象而导致的腐蚀问题。 在这个Webinar中,Lloyds’s Register的工程师将展示他们是如何使用快速的数值求解方法来计算船舶尾流中螺旋桨的性能。通过他们深入的案例分析,展示了这些方法给他们带来的收益,之后展示了他们是如何使用CFD工具来更好的扑捉更复杂的物理问题,尤其是在湍流尾流下工作的螺旋桨的详细流动特性。 另外,这个webinar还展示了如何使用CFD计算来预测腐蚀的发生。 【演讲人】 刘文东, CD-adapco工程师 【关于 Webinar...
It starts with an idea. Morphs into an obsession. Then comes the sweat. Practice. Tears. You hear the doubters. It’s an obstacle course. Persevere. Focus. The pressure is on. Determination. Your body and mind are beaten. It’s an arduous journey. Then you see it. The glorious finish line. The reward. The victory. I’m talking about triathlons here. But I could very well be talking about something else with similar challenges – Startups. Triathlons are intensive and grueling and definitely not for the weak-hearted. Just like shepherding a startup company to success. This is probably why I’m always doffing my hat off in respect for Chris and Jon, brothers, triathletes and the founders of FLO Cycling.
The need for increased reliability across a wide range of operating conditions, as well as market-driven and government demands for increased energy efficiency, are motivating pump engineers to leverage simulation more than ever before - in order to discover better designs, faster. STAR-CCM+ has all the features required to solve the extremely complex problems in hydraulic turbomachinery.
STAR-CCM+ allows you to efficiently prepare and generate meshes on the most complex geometries and offers the ultimate balance between user control and automation.
STAR-CCM+ v11.02版本新功能介绍
【会议信息】 时间:2016年3月30日下午3:00-4:00 费用:免费(需事先注册) 语言:中文 注册方法: 希望参加本Webinar的客户,请从本页面的注册窗口进行注册。 【内容介绍】 最近,STAR-CCM+ v11.02版本的发布,正式用户已经可以从 Steve Portal 下载。同时,CD-adapco中国将于2016年3月30日15:00-16:00通过网络研讨会方式,介绍此版本的主要新功能。 STAR-CCM+ v11版本的发布延续了我们在多学科设计探索(MDX)领域的持续承诺。为用户提供高可靠性仿真结果的仿真软件,使用户根据仿真结果做出正确的决策,加快设计决策过程是我们的首要目标。 STAR-CCM+ v11.02的模拟工作流,可以提高生产力并有助于设计的研究探索。新版本中的主要新功能包含如下: 数据集中 (Data Focus):该版本可以在图表中的数字数据与场景中的图象数据之间提供一个过度和交互式的连接。 局部面网格重构 :当改变网格参数或者修改设计时,允许只对选中的区域进行网格重构。这样可以大幅度地缩减面网格的生成时间。 在DEM中增加了圆柱粒子类型 :应用圆柱粒子类型可以有效减少转变时间。并且应用真实的圆柱粒子与应用球面集合相比较,就像片状与球状之间的区别, 圆柱形粒子更加精确。 计算流变学的挤出模型 :该模型包含牵涉到多个物质流的复杂的挤压过程。...
STAR-CCM+ integrates a range of powerful analysis and visualization tools, both quantitative and qualitative, to manage, assemble, and share your simulation results in a collaborative environment.
CD-adapco leads the market in offering innovative licensing options that are affordable and customizable to meet your specific simulation needs. Our Power Licensing gives you access to unlimited cores for a single fixed price, enables you to run on the cloud and makes design exploration affordable.